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The Control Of Asbestos Regulations make it a legal requirement for businesses and organisations to inspect their premises for the presence of asbestos containing materials.
It is also not uncommon for domestic clients to request an asbestos survey in their own home. This will help give peace of mind and also be beneficial when purchasing a property or planning to refurbish in the future.
LAS surveyors are fully trained, competent and follow the approved code of practice as outlined in the asbestos survey guide HSG264.

Survey type

There are two types of surveys for asbestos containing materials:
  • Management survey
  • Refurbishment/demolition survey

The person who requests the survey and the surveyor themselves should be clear on what survey is required and what records need to be generated upon completion of the survey.

Management survey

The purpose of the management survey is to manage asbestos containing materials during normal use and occupancy of the premises. A management survey should aim to ensure that:
  • The asbestos containing materials remain in good condition
  • Nobody disturbs the asbestos accidentally
  • Nobody is harmed by the continued presence of asbestos containing materials in the premises
The aim of the management survey is locate asbestos that could be damaged or disturbed by normally daily activities that occur within the premises.
The survey involves minor intrusion and asbestos disturbance that will help the surveyor make an assessment of the material in question.  This assessment will show the ability of the asbestos, if disturbed, to release fibres into the air. The outcome of the survey will give a recommended course of action to take regarding the asbestos containing materials.

Refurbishment/demolition survey

This type of survey will be required when all or part of the building is due to undertake an upgrade, refurbishment or demolition. A refurbishment and demolition survey is a lot more intrusive than a management survey and involves materials that may be a part of the fabric of the building.  The surveyor must not only locate asbestos that can be seen, but also materials that are not normally seen ie. behind walls, in ceiling voids and in floor ducts.

A refurbishment/demolition survey aims to ensure that:

  • Nobody will be harmed by work on asbestos containing materials in the premises or equipment
  • Such work will be done by the right contractor in the right way
This type of survey must locate all asbestos materials before any structural work begins. The area must be surveyed must be vacated and certified fit for re-occupation after the survey is complete.

Book a survey

To book an asbestos survey visit our contact page and detail what type of property that you need surveying and somebody will get in touch with more details.
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