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Project Details

Sector: Demolition
Client:  Forshaw Group
Works: Removal of asbestos insulating board ceiling panels to warehouse ceiling

Project Description

Local Asbestos Services have just completed some works on Worral Street, Salford which is located near the industrial area of Trafford Park. The building in question was an old warehouse that is being demolished to make way for a new property. Before the building could be demolished, some asbestos removal works needed to be carried out.

The main storage area of the warehouse contained 340m2 of asbestos insulating board (AIB) to the ceiling. With the ceiling being above regular working height, we had to incorporate the use of electric scissors lifts to complete the works properly.

The type of asbestos that was removed is a licensed product which has a potential to release a high amount of fibres into the atmosphere. To combat this fibre release, various steps have to be put in place to reduce the potential risk of asbestos exposure. One of these steps is to connect a negative pressure unit (NPU) to enhance air flow. With the large size of the work area, we also needed to introduce an extra air chamber to reach the required amount of air flow inside the work area.

Do you have a question regarding asbestos that is located within your property/premises? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch and one of team will get back to you.

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