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Project Details

Sector: Commercial
Client:  Royal Lancaster Infirmary
Works: Removal of asbestos insulation residue to pipes, walls & flooring to two service ducts

Project Description

Starting in June 2018 we started working on two service ducts located at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, NHS trust hospital. The works involved the removal of MMMF insulation to all pipes located in the service ducts, along with the removal of asbestos residues located to pipes, walls, cables & flooring.
Both ducts involved confined space working, which involved operatives being fully trained and compliant with the confined space regulations.  To comply with these regulations, LAS had to provide operatives with the correct safety equipment including harnesses, EBA sets (Escape Breathing Apparatus) and also an emergency escape plan in place.
Our work areas on the Royal Lancaster Infirmary included two ducts that both included working steam pipes that caused the working temperature to be slightly increased. These pipes could not be fully isolated due to them still being in use by the hospital. We were able to combat this with regular temperature monitoring which was communicated to the supervisor situated on the outside of the asbestos enclosure.
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