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Project Details

Sector: Commercial
Client:  Royal Lancaster Infirmary
Works: Removal of asbestos insulation residue to pipes, walls & flooring to a service duct beneath the maternity ward

Project Description

September 2018 saw the start of more removal works on the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, NHS Trust Hospital. This job was similar to other works that we have already carried out at the infirmary. It involved the removal of asbestos insulation residue to the walls, ceiling, floor and pipework of a service duct beneath the maternity ward.
The service duct involved confined space working, which involved operatives being fully trained and compliant with the confined space regulations.  To comply with these regulations, LAS had to provide operatives with the correct safety equipment including harnesses, EBA sets (Escape Breathing Apparatus) and also an emergency escape plan in place.

The 24/7 operation of the maternity ward provided extra problems for LAS staff. To limit disruption to people on the ward above we adopted additional measures such as – using silencing equipment on our air extraction equipment and also conducting work in a quiet, professional manner.

The client was happy with the outcome of the work, with hopefully more in the pipeline for LAS at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

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