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Asbestos Management & Removal

All asbestos removal projects undertaken by LAS fully comply with the requirements of the Regulations.Asbestos Solutions provides the following asbestos removal services: * Fully Licensed Asbestos Removal – in compliance with CAR 2012 * Asbestos Encapsulation & Treatment * Collection & Safe Disposal of Asbestos Materials - in compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005)


From Strip Out operations to complete Demolition and Site Remediation projects our service offers complete conformity to HSE Guidelines and Regulations which ensures our impact to the environment is reduced by completely recycling as much of the material generated from our works as possible. We try to find sustainable and workable waste streams to promote our ‘green’ approach to Demolition.

Certified Training

Asbestos awareness training is now a mandatory requirement for trades people and supervisors whose work may expose them to asbestos.Asbestos Awareness courses are provided by LAS to help clients meet their legal duties.Our Asbestos Awareness Training is Certified by UKATA.The courses can be held at our training facility North West or at clients’ premises.LAS now also provide a wider range of training, including Health & Safety training and many other Certified training courses. Check out our training page under our services for more information.

Asbestos Surveying

The ‘Duty to Manage’ of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires businesses and organisations to inspect their premises for asbestos. It is also common to commission an asbestos survey when buying or selling domestic and commercial property.LAS provide two types of survey. We follow HSG 264 which details areas of best practice and the types of asbestos containing material, which may be found within premises. Our surveyors are fully trained and have completed the following certifications S301/BOHS P402/405/406/407.

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